Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity

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The course will start off considering the evolution of time in the wave function, quantum mechanics and mechanical vibrations. The theory above will then be applied to a range aerospace engineering problems. The derivation of governing differential equations of motion of complex dynamical systems will be highlighted using Lagranges’s equation and Hamilton’s principle.Some illustrative examples will be provided.Next the divergence flutter and response analysis of aircraft wings will be given precedence.. The effects of gust loads is an area of intense activity in aircraft design to satisfy some of the stringent airworthiness requirements. The ways in which novel methods and modern technologies can be applied to such problems will be discussed in detail. The discussion will also include the use of non-linear control systems and estimation of aeroservoelastic behaviour. The hardware requirements and tools needed to analyse such problems will also feature in the discussion.

Who should attend?

Engineers and scientists involved in the design, operation and assessment of aeronautical structures. Personnel from aerospace companies, classification societies and academia will all benefit from attending this course. The course will bring together established theories and innovative technologies with a careful balance of both theory and practice.

Cost: £750 + VAT

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Date: 14-15 September 2017

Venue: Jurys Inn
Wellesley Road,
Croydon, London