Engineering Structures Under Fire & Blast

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The syllabus will include: Characterisation of the blast wave, modelling of blast loading, both internal and external, Characterisation of the material performance at high loading rates, Looking at the structural response of typical engineering structures and the damage mechanisms involved, Investigation of alternative structural arrangements to be more damage tolerant, Prediction of pressures generated in area surrounding blast zone and subsequent damage to people and equipments, Modelling using both deterministic and probabilistic methods, Development of simplified design criteria.
This syllabus also includes Structural Response under Fire. Basics of fire physics and the engineering idealisations made to characterise fire induced “loading” on structural systems. Detailed description of the key features of behaviour of common engineering materials (primarily steel and concrete) under high temperatures and the key responses expected when simple structural systems are exposed to fire. Traditional methods of design to ensure adequate fire resistance and recent trends towards performance based engineering in a probabilistic framework. On completion of the course you will be able to apply a sound knowledge of various technologies for checking response of structures under fire and blast loading.


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Date: 26-27 March 2018

Venue: Dublin (Exact TBC)