Nuclear Power Plant and Structural Response

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About the Course

Many countries are currently constructing or are in the planning/designing stage of building nuclear power plants. This is primarily to move away from the depleting fossil fuel and in an attempt to combat climate change. However, design construction and operation of these structures poses particular challenge with respect to handling radioactive material. The recent incident of Fukushima Nuclear Power plant highlighted the risk of these structures to earthquakes and eroded public confidence (in some countries such as Germany).

A project of such kind involves extensive civil engineering work. The course is designed for civil engineers with no prior knowledge of seismic design or Nuclear Power Plant Installation design. The course would cover basics of generating electricity from nuclear reaction that is adequate for Civil Engineers. The topics that will be covered are - components in a nuclear installation, safety philosophy and systems, relevant seismic design, geotechnical aspects in the design and waste disposal.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for civil engineers:

  • Interested in Nuclear Power Plant
  • Develop understanding seismic design related to Nuclear Power Plant

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Date: 5-6 December 2017

Venue: St Georges Buildings
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