Offshore Floating Structures Design - Paris

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100% of delegates said that All or Most of their expectations were met!

Here's what they had to say:

"I gained an increased awareness of offshore issues that may arise. The general discussions and the opportunity to meet and connect with other offshore engineers were benefits that I hadn’t even anticipated. The course notes were excellent."

"I gained valuable insights into semi-submersible design principles and considerations as well as probability and reliability engineering"

"Networking with colleagues from across the industry was an additional benefit I had not anticipated."

About the Course

Structural Concept: Design Considerations; Operation, Fabrication and Installation; Function and Safety; Economic and Time Constraints

Environmental Loads and Motions: Environmental Conditions; Wave Drift Forces and Movements; Wind and Current Loads, Buoyancy and Stability: Current Codes; Intact and Damage Stability; Recent Code Developments

Structural Response I: Standards and guidelines; Stiffened plated structure, Structural Response II: Standards and guidelines; stiffened shells, Reliability and Safety Engineering: Structural Reliability Analysis;

Catenary Mooring System: Concepts and Equipment; Design and Operational Requirements; Mooring Forces, Tension-leg Mooring System: Concepts, Components and Equipment; Design and Operational Requirements; Sea Load and Seismic Effects

Tanker Based FPSOs I, Tanker Based FPSOs II; Semi-submersibles Design I: Operational Requirements; Design Parameters; Sizing, Stability Requirements; Semi-submersibles Design II: Seakeeping Motions; Wind, Current and Wave Forces; Station Keeping, Mooring and DP Systems

Who should attend?

Engineers, managers and scientists involved in design, assessment and management of a wide range of renewable energy industrial facilities. Personnel from oil companies, major facilities operating companies will benefit from attending this course.

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Professionals: £850

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Date: 1-3 November 2017

Venue: TBC