Analysis & Design of Submarine Structures

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About the Course

Most submarine designs are weight critical, especially as operational diving depth increases. It follows that designers will strive to select an available high strength low density material compatible with good fabricability and toughness. Toughness is required not only for the usual low temperature reasons, but also to resist high dynamic loads from depth charge attack. High strength steels have proved to be reasonably satisfactory, the main limitation being how to achieve adequate weldability and toughness for military submarines with steels above about 700N/mm2 proof stress. More exoic materials would be considered for depths exceeding 1000m say. At really great depths the required pressure hull thicknesses can become so large that buckling ceases to be a problem even with low modulus materials and frames can effectively be dispensed with. In many respects the design then becomes simpler and the conventional safety factor can be reduced. This course is meant to provide comprehensive coverage of structural design and also concentrate on philosophy and underlying essentials and strength formulations for design.

Who should attend?

The course is intended for Engineers, Operations’ managers, Fabricators, Applied Scientists and Technologists interested in submarine design.

On completion of the course you will be able to apply a sound knowledge of various technologies for the analysis and design of submarine /submersibles structures.

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Professionals: £900 (pounds sterling) + VAT (only for UK)

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Date: 20-24 November 2017

Venue: ASRANet Ltd
3rd Floor
St George's Buildings
5 St Vincent Place
Glasgow, UK
G1 2DH

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