ASRANet offers a range of courses presented by experts from all fields of marine and structural engineering. These courses are excellent for companies, professionals or students to further their own understanding as well as develop and expand their engineering ability.

COURSES(COMPANY): means that we can run these courses for one particular company at their request and they have to satisfy the criteria of a minimum number of persons to attend the course. The dates are flexible and can be fixed at the discretion of the company with at least 2 months’ notice.

2023 Courses (Company)

Fire & Blast In Engineering Structures

ABOUT THE COURSE The Lecture includes Structural Response under blast loading. The fundamental of blast loading such as the Principle of the scaling law, blast profile are introduced. The basic design principles in the relevant design guidance such as SCI...

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Risk Analysis & Reliability Engineering

About The Course The course duration is 2 days and will consist of both theoretical and practical applications of risk and reliability engineering. The course will introduce the fundamentals of Risk analysis and reliability engineering. Quantity risk...

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Construction Management Project

About The Course Construction project management requires systematic application of principles, methods and techniques to develop infrastructure and built facilities. The construction and development projects vary in size and complexity and accordingly the...

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Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics

ABOUT THE COURSE The course begins by reviewing those definitions suitable for calculating the stress/strain quantities commonly used to perform the fatigue assessment. Pivotal concepts which should always be kept in mind when designing components against...

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Floating Offshore Structures

ABOUT THE COURSE The development of offshore industry commenced with the use of fixed structures. As development accelerated with the discovery of oil & gas in deeper waters, the use of floating structures became commonplace. Floating renewable energy...

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Basic Naval Architecture

ABOUT THE COURSE The primary objective of this short course is to provide conversion or refresher training for science and engineering graduates and experienced draughtsmen who hold active line responsibilities in the design of ships and ship systems and in...

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Advanced Structural Design of Ships

ABOUT THE COURSE Ship strength has seen major advances in recent years as the subject has been transformed from a collection of largely empirical rules based on past practice to the systematic application of classical structures theory and in particular...

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Distortion Control in Ship Buildings

ABOUT THE COURSE The syllabus will include: practical aspects of hull girder fabrication, such as sequence of welding, advanced welding methods and its advantages, accuracy control, etc, Also included topics like residualstresses in engineering components:...

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CFD for ships & Marine Technology

About The Course Marine CFD is one of the more sought after topics in the computational industry. Traditionally, the marine industry has depended on towing tank and model testing for ship performance evaluation. Nowadays, the rise of CFD has made virtual...

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Subsea Structures

ABOUT THE COURSE The course focuses on subsea systems from design and installation through to operation. This course explains how the whole system works in conjunction. The course gives detailed idea about design, analysis, construction and installation...

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