Design of onshore wind turbine structures & Foundation

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Wind energy is pivotal in global electricity generation and achieving future essential energy demands and targets. Today, the most commonly used wind turbine tower type is the cantilever tubular steel tower, consisting of a number of cylindrical and/or conical shell parts. Such towers are fabricated in a factory by a) roller-bending a flat steel plate into a can with the desired cylindrical or conical shape and b) buttwelding the two adjacent longitudinal edges of the can to each other to form a closed shell. The course will cover the design aspects of onshore wind turbine structures including foundations. Structural design aspects will be dealt for both local and global responses. Load modelling will be done. Geotechnical aspects both for stiff soi and soft soil will be dealt. The foundation for on land wind turbine towers can be grouped into two types: (1) Spread foundations (2) Piled foundations. In both the foundation types, an interface which is embedded in foundation concrete must be provided between the turbinetower and foundation to ensure connectivity and stability. The Design aspects of both these types of foundation will be done.

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The course is intended for Engineers, Operations managers, Fabricators, Applied Scientists, and Technologists interested in interested in the design of onshore wind turbine structures & foundations.


The registration fee for the course will be £3000 plus VAT (UK ONLY) for a minimum of 6 people. For additional persons, it will be £600 plus VAT per person.


Payments can be made by cheque (made payable to ASRANet Ltd.), cash or bank transfer. Please enquire for details.

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