Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics

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The course begins by reviewing those definitions suitable for calculating the stress/strain quantities commonly used to perform the fatigue assessment. Pivotal concepts which should always be kept in mind when designing components against fatigue are summarised (mainly considering uniaxial and torsional situations). The multiaxial fatigue assessment problem is then investigated in great detail, by focusing attention on both the high- and the medium-cycle fatigue regime. The procedures suitable for estimating uniaxial/multiaxial fatigue damage both in notched and in welded components is explained, by focusing attention on the most efficient ways to estimate fatigue strength by postprocessing Finite Element results. Subsequently, following a general introduction to Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics, the course will go on to explain the importance of crack/flaw analysis in structural design and safety assessment, with this being done by considering both static and fatigue situations. It will give a deep understanding of the major results and criteria underpinning modern fracture mechanics, the assumptions behind them and important limitations. Attendees will gain a better understanding of material selection for fatigue and fracture resistance and learn about codified procedures for flaw evaluation.


Engineers and scientists involved in the design, operation, and assessment of both onshore and offshore structures.


The registration fee for the course will be £3000 plus VAT (UK ONLY) for a minimum of 6 people. For additional persons, it will be £600 plus VAT per person



Payments can be made by cheque (made payable to ASRANet Ltd.), cash or bank transfer. Please enquire for details.

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