Floating Offshore Structures

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The development of offshore industry commenced with the use of fixed structures. As development accelerated with the discovery of oil & gas in deeper waters, the use of floating structures became commonplace. Floating renewable energy devices may also become commonplace in deeper water. The primary concepts considered are FPSOs, semi-submersibles, TLPs and Spars. Other concepts which may be used as alternatives or in conjunction with floating systems are jackets and compliant towers. This course introduces different tools which are required to assess the rigidbody and structural response of the concepts due to various loadings which a structure will encounter during its lifetime.


Engineers and scientists involved in the design of floating offshore structures or entering the offshore structures industry. Personnel from oil and wind energy companies, classification societies and offshore structure fabricators, clients commissioning design and analysis work and students on specialist offshore engineering courses will benefit from attending this course. The course is innovative with a careful balance of theory, practice and worked examples.


The registration fee for the course will be £3000 plus VAT (UK ONLY) for a minimum of 6 people. For additional persons, it will be £600 plus VAT per person.


Payments can be made by cheque (made payable to ASRANet Ltd.), cashor bank transfer. Please enquire for details.

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