Hydro-Structure Interactions for Ships & Marine Technology

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Study of hydro structure interactions in offshore and naval applications is one of the major topics relevant for the design of the floating units. In order to properly assess the structural response, different technical issues needs to be solved and combined together within the dedicated design methodology. The first very important step in the analysis is the determination of the operational profile of the unit, which means the relevant combinations of the loading and the operational conditions (speed, heading etc), with the environmental conditions (wind, waves, current, etc). Once the operational profile defined, a dedicated deterministic hydro-structure interaction tools are necessary to assess the structural response for every component of the operational profile. Finally, the structural integrity criteria are verified, by using the deterministic results within the relevant design methodology which takes into account the stochastic nature of the process. All these aspects are covered by the courses and the special accent is put on the effects of hydroelasticity, which can become important in many practical situations both at global (springing & whipping) and at the local levels (slamming, sloshing, green water etc). Compared to the quasi-static hydro-structure analysis, the hydroelastic analysis is more complex and requires the solution of the hydrodynamic and structural problems at the same time.


Engineers, scientists and MSc, PhD students involved in the design of floating systems. Personnel from ship management companies, oil companies, classification societies and ship builders will benefit from attending this course. The course is innovative in both content & structure with a careful balance of theory & practice.


The registration fee for the course will be £3000 plus VAT (UK ONLY) for a minimum of 6 people. For additional persons, it will be £600 plus VAT per person.


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