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21st May 2024

About the course

This one day course, assuming no previous knowledge of the topics, will introduce the fundamental concepts of, and approaches to, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and “Machine Learning”. It will start with a brief overview of the history and evolution of A.I., then continue introducing the main methodologies of both “classical” and “modern” A.I. : Rule-Based methods, Search-Based methods, Probability-Based Methods and Neural Networks. We will finish off with an introduction to modern “Deep Learning” methods which are at the heart of many of the latest application of A.I.

Case studies where A.I. methods have been used to solve “real world” problems, including several projects in which the course tutor has been personally involved, will be discussed at appropriate points of the day.

Who Should Attend

No previous knowledge of A.I. will be assumed, but attendees will be expected to have an elementary familiarity with I.T. systems and with basic Mathematics and Statistics at a level normally covered in most Engineering and Science degrees and HNDs.


The cost for the course will be £295 +VAT (VAT UK ONLY) , this includes course notes and lunches


The lecture notes will be sent in advance.


Payments can be made by cheque (made payable to ASRANet Ltd.), cash or bank transfer. Please enquire for details.

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