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19 January 2024


The deterioration of metallic components and structures represents a major challenge for those that operate critical assets in aggressive environments. Understanding the mechanisms responsible for metallic corrosion underpins the cost-effective management of such assets. However, the science underlying the corrosion process is often viewed as being complex and requiring an understanding of thermodynamics and electrochemistry. This course aims to overcome this misconception by introducing the fundamental processes that drive metallic corrosion in a systematic and accessible way. This foundation of underlying corrosion science is then used to explain the causes and potential consequences of the main types of corrosion commonly encountered in metallic components found in pipelines and offshore structures. The course then focusses on more practical aspects of corrosion engineering by introducing some of the methods that can be used to recognize, measure, and protect against the common forms of corrosion encountered. Case studies are used to illustrate how a basic knowledge of the corrosion process can be used to understand, and hence combat, cases of corrosion that do not conform to “typical” situations. Attendees can expect to gain an improved understanding of the process of metallic corrosion, an appreciation of the potential consequences of metal loss, and insight into some of the steps that can be taken to protect new and existing components and structures exposed to aggressive environments.


Engineers, Scientists, and Asset Managers involved in the design, operation, and assessment of both onshore and offshore structures. Personnel from oil companies, consultancy organisations, classification societies and certifying authorities will also benefit from attending this course.


The registration fee of the workshop will be £395 plus VAT (UK only) which includes course notes and lunches. You should make your own arrangements for accommodation.


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