Marine Renewable Energy

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11th-12th November 2024


This course provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant marine renewable energy sources, along with their respective harvesting technologies. The lectures encompass wave and tidal energy, as well as offshore wind energy, offering insights into both engineering and commercial aspects. Practical exercises are incorporated to enhance understanding of the subject matter. The course also examines the integration of marine energy devices into various coastal, nearshore, and offshore structures, and explores the synergies between marine renewable energy technologies and other marine activities. Key topics covered include resource estimation, different types of harvesting technologies and their design and applicability, the alignment of marine renewable energy with current EU and UK policies and strategies, and cost-benefit analyses. Furthermore, the course addresses design principles, installation procedures, commissioning requirements, and decommissioning protocols for these technologies, incorporating exercises specific to each technology


The target audience for this course includes engineers, researchers, and technical leaders working in companies or other entities who are interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) and its significance in the face of the emerging challenges within the energy market. The course helps them stay informed and well-prepared for the evolving energy landscape.


The registration fee of the workshop will be £695 +VAT (UK VAT ONLY) which includes course notes.


The lecture notes will be sent in advance.


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