ONLINE COURSE (VIA ZOOM) Risk Analysis & Reliability Engineering

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22-23 February 2024

About The Course

The course duration is 2 days and will consist of both theoretical and practical applications of risk and reliability engineering. The course will introduce the fundamentals of Risk analysis and reliability engineering. Quantity risk analysis, basic statistics, distribution of failure, reliability of failure, consequences of failure and Monte Carlo simulations (MCS).

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. identify and analyse the concepts and principles of risk and reliability engineering and their potential applications to different engineering problems. 
  2. Assess and analyse appropriate approaches to the collection and interpretation of data in the application of risk and reliability engineering methods.
  3. Evaluate and select appropriate techniques and tools for qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and reliability assessment.
  4. Analyse and evaluate failure distributions, failure likelihood and potential consequences and develop solutions for control/mitigation of risks.

Why should we do a risk and reliability analysis?

  • Enable good decision-making in the presenceof uncertainty. 
  • Demonstrate that all risks are identified and appropriately mitigated or reduced (ALARP)
  • Moral- risk of death or serious injury (Safety)
  • Legal- comply with regulators. (UK-Health and Safety Executive)
  • Economic- profit, return for investors/ Shareholders.

Who Should Attend?

This training is suitable for mechanical, process, and energy engineers and professionalswho want to obtain knowledge on applied aspects of risk and reliability engineering.


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