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3rd - 4th October 2024


This course is the basic of the Finite Element Analysis. It takes you through various topics like Matrix Algebra, Differential Equations and their solutions and FEM-Weighted Residue Approach. Various numerical are solved to explain different concepts and their applications. These topics help while solving of next course chapters.

It start with Introduction to Finite Element Analysis, its advantages, disadvantages and applications. Then introduction to some basics of Matrix Algebra. Further, development of element stiffness coefficients based on fundamental principle is discussed. This extends from 1D element to 3D elements. Also, solution technique for finite element equations are discussed with examples. The course, further, extend to the dynamic analysis of structure using Finite element analysis. Several, practical example are discussed from modelling to exact solution of finite element technique. This is very important as ANSYS or Abaqus solutions need to be checked by exact solution for their accuracy.


Engineers and scientists involved in the design, operation and assessment of both onshore and offshore structures.


The registration fee of the workshop will be £595 plus VAT (VAT UK ONLY) which includes course notes.


Payments can be made by cheque (made payable to ASRANet Ltd.) or bank transfer. Please enquire for details.

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